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Parametric hut

Between primitivity and parametricism / 2019 (work in progress)
Universität der Künste Berlin   

The man is willing to make himself an abode which covers but not buries him (...). Pieces of wood raised perpendicularly, give us the idea of columns. The horizontal pieces that are laid upon them, afford us the idea of entablatures (...). The little rustic cabin that I have just described, is the model upon which all the magnificence’s of architecture have been imagined.
from Essai sur l'Architecture

In the 1755 edition of the Essai sur l'Architecture, Marc-Antoine Laugier provides a drawing of the primitive hut. For Laugier, the primitive hut represents the first architectural idea. The hut is an abstract concept. While it is an imaginary "house", it has important meaning to us because it is an emblem of material construction, well-being and the art of dwelling.

Inspired by Marc-Antoine Laugier's writings and the phenomenon of Neo-Primitivity existing in internet platforms such as Youtube, I became interested in vernacular architecture and juxtaposing it with parametricism.

After studying very basic notching systems, I started recreating wood joints in a digital way and implementing hem into a script. The system was developed completely in grasshopper, enabling a parametric design control and a fast production process. Simple wood planks are CNC milled and then stacked on top of each other. The simple construction method allows a very fast assemble and disassemble.

You can download the script here.

As a next step the center-based system is broken up to generate clusters of high and low density as well as enabling an asymetric design.