Franz Siebler

selected works:
Santhi Children Home
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Where is my Stone? / 2070
From The Zen Garden

Ongoing study on the topic of future digital 'Bildung' as well as the question about the potential of virtual space expansion.

The graduate design course investigates contemporary and future technological, spatial and communicative conditions for study and research on the example of the Campus Charlottenburg.

The collaborative research, discourse and design work provides suggestion proposals in differing scales, field- and theoretical work and performative actions with digital media.
Our attempt is to gain a better understanding of these future practices of collaborative work between art and technology and their implications for design related fields.

The project conducts this investigation with a longer timeline in mind that projects a changing environment in regard to human-machine interaction, technology-inspired pedagogics-, dissemination- and research strategies, energy design, mobility and social interaction and others.