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Licht Raum Modulator

Licht Raum Modulator / 2017
Techniche Universität München

“(...) das Lichtrequisit könnte zu zahlreichen optischen Feststellungen ausgewertet werden, und es scheint mir richtig, diese Versuche planmäßig weiterzuführen als Weg zur Licht- und Bewegungsgestaltung.”           
László Moholy-Nagy

Inspired by Moholy Nagy's light-space modulator, the installation consists of a base and various modular structures. Both the objects and the light source can be arbitrarily changed and moved by means of different rotation mechanisms and therefore interact differently with the light source.

The aim of this project is to study the effects and relationships of light, material, and motion, as well as to unify its natural properties, such as reflection, shadow, refraction, and color within one single object.
The work was documented in a video.